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Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 30 items in this directory:

ast-ksh-20120801nb1: Official AT\&T release of KornShell 93
autojump-22.2.4nb1: Change directory command that learns to easily navigate directories
bash-4.3.039: The GNU Bourne Again Shell
bash-completion-2.1: Programmable completion specifications for bash
bash- The GNU Bourne Again Shell (version 2)
bash-doc-2.05.2: Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again Shell
dash-0.5.8: Debian Almquist shell, POSIX-compliant shell faster than bash
eltclsh-1.9nb5: Interactive TCL shell with editline facilities
es-0.9a1nb4: Extensible shell, derived from plan9's rc
esh-0.8nb4: Unix shell with Lisp-like syntax
fish-2.1.2nb1: User friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems
git-sh-1.3: Customized bash environment suitable for git work
heirloom-sh-050706nb2: Traditional Unix shell derived from OpenSolaris code
lshell-0.9.16: Lshell restricts user's environment to specified commands
mksh-51: MirBSD Korn Shell
nologinmsg-1.0nb2: More functional native binary replacement for /sbin/nologin
osh-20160108: Port of the Sixth Edition UNIX shell
pdksh-5.2.14nb6: Free clone of the AT\&T Korn shell
perlsh-1.8nb12: The Perl Shell
posh-0.12.5: Debian Policy-compliant Ordinary SHell
rc-1.7nb1: Unix incarnation of the plan9 shell
rssh-2.3.4nb1: Restricted shell allowing only scp and/or sftp
scponly-4.8nb1: Shell that only permits sftp
scsh-0.6.7nb1: Unix shell embedded into Scheme, with access to all Posix calls
standalone-tcsh-6.19.00nb1: Standalone version of the Extended C-shell
static-ast-ksh-20120801nb1: Statically-linked version of the Official AT\&T release of KornShell 93
static-tcsh-6.19.00nb1: Statically-linked version of the Extended C-shell with many useful features
tcsh-6.19.00nb1: Extended C-shell with many useful features
xsh-1.8.2nb14: XML Editing Shell
zsh-5.2: The Z shell

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