net/p5-Net-DNS - The NetBSD Packages Collection

Perl5 module for DNS resolution

Net::DNS is a Perl interface to the DNS resolver.  It allows the
programmer to perform any type of DNS query from a Perl script.
For details and examples, please read the Net::DNS documentation page
('perldoc Net::DNS')

Features include a simple nameserver (Net::DNS::Nameserver), dynamic
DNS updates, signed queries (TSIG), support for DNAME resource records
and IPv6.

The author invites feedback on Net::DNS, especially on new features
like dynamic updates und TSIG.  If there's something you'd like to
have added, please let him know (

Future versions may contain some C to increase speed or for those who
wish to link against libresolv or libbind.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/mktools pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies

security/p5-Digest-HMAC net/p5-Net-IP net/p5-IO-Socket-INET6 net/p5-Socket6 lang/perl5 lang/perl5

Binary packages

NetBSD 10.0aarch64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0aarch64p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 10.0aarch64ebp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv4p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv6hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv6hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv7hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0earmv7hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 10.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0m68kp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0vaxp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0vaxp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.0_BETAx86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 10.99.4riscv64p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 8.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 8.0powerpcp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 8.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0alphap5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv4p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv4p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfp5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0m68kp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0m68kp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0mips64ebp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0mipselp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcp5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sh3elp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sh3elp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparc64p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparcp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparcp5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0vaxp5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.34.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38nb1.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64p5-Net-DNS-1.38.tgz

Binary packages can be installed with the high-level tool pkgin (which can be installed with pkg_add) or pkg_add(1) (installed by default). The NetBSD packages collection is also designed to permit easy installation from source.

Available build options

Enable support for IPv6.
Requiring Internet connectivity for "make test".

Known vulnerabilities

The pkg_admin audit command locates any installed package which has been mentioned in security advisories as having vulnerabilities.

Please note the vulnerabilities database might not be fully accurate, and not every bug is exploitable with every configuration.

Problem reports, updates or suggestions for this package should be reported with send-pr.