graphics/ImageMagick - The NetBSD Packages Collection

Package for display and non-interactive manipulation of images

ImageMagick TM, is a package for display and manipulation
of images for the X Window System.  It is written in C and interfaces
to the X library, and therefore does not require any proprietary
toolkit in order to compile.  Although the software is copyrighted, it
is available for free and can be redistributed without fee.

The ImageMagick image display program can display an image on any
workstation screen running an X server.  It can read and write many of
the more popular image formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNM, GIF, and
Photo CD.  In addition you can interactively resize, rotate, sharpen,
color reduce, or add special effects to an image and save your
completed work in the same or differing image format.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/x11-links devel/glib2-tools devel/libtool-base pkgtools/mktools devel/gmake pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies

devel/pkgconf fonts/fontconfig fonts/fontconfig graphics/freetype2 graphics/freetype2 graphics/png print/ghostscript graphics/openjpeg graphics/liblqr graphics/tiff graphics/jpeg graphics/libheif devel/libltdl graphics/lcms2 graphics/libwebp math/fftw textproc/libxml2 fonts/fontconfig graphics/freetype2 graphics/png print/ghostscript graphics/liblqr graphics/tiff graphics/jpeg graphics/libheif devel/libltdl graphics/libwebp math/fftw textproc/libxml2

Binary packages

NetBSD 10.0aarch64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0aarch64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0aarch64ebImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0earmv6hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0earmv7hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 10.0powerpcImageMagick-
NetBSD 8.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 8.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 8.0x86_64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 8.0x86_64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0aarch64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0aarch64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0aarch64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0alphaImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0earmImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0earmv6hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0earmv7hfImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0i386ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0mips64ebImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0mipselImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0powerpcImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0powerpcImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0sh3elImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0sparc64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0sparcImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0sparcImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0x86_64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.0x86_64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.3x86_64ImageMagick-
NetBSD 9.3x86_64ImageMagick-

Binary packages can be installed with the high-level tool pkgin (which can be installed with pkg_add) or pkg_add(1) (installed by default). The NetBSD packages collection is also designed to permit easy installation from source.

Available build options

Enable DjVuLibRe support.
Include the documentation.
Enable FONTCONFIG (fonts/fontconfig) support.
Enable Flashpix support.
Enable GhostScript support.
Enable HEIF graphics image support.
Enable JPEG 2000 support using the openjpeg library.
Enable liblqr (liquid rescale) support.
Use OpenEXR as imaging library.
Enable TIFF support.
Enable WMF support.
Enable X11 support.
By default, use ImageMagick's "Limited" security policy.
By default, use ImageMagick's "Open" security policy.
By default, use ImageMagick's "Secure" security policy.
By default, use ImageMagick's "Web-safe" security policy.

Known vulnerabilities

The pkg_admin audit command locates any installed package which has been mentioned in security advisories as having vulnerabilities.

Please note the vulnerabilities database might not be fully accurate, and not every bug is exploitable with every configuration.

Problem reports, updates or suggestions for this package should be reported with send-pr.