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Crypto and SSL toolkit for Python

M2Crypto comes with the following:
- **DH**, **RSA**, **DSA**, **symmetric ciphers** including **AES**,
  **message digests**, **HMACs**.
- **SSL functionality** to implement clients and servers.
- **Example SSL client and server programs**, which are variously
  **threading**, **forking** or based on **non-blocking socket IO**.
- **HTTPS** extensions to Python's HTTP functionality.
- Unforgeable HMAC'ing **AuthCookies** for **web session management**.
- **XML-RPC over SSL**.
- **S/MIME v2**.
- **FTP/TLS** client and server.

Build dependencies


Runtime dependencies

devel/py-setuptools lang/python39 lang/python39 devel/swig3

Binary packages


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Known vulnerabilities

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