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Packages related to the World Wide Web

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 1035 items in this directory:

R-RCurl- General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
R-curl-4.3: Modern and flexible web client for R
R-diffviewer-0.1.0: HTML Widget to Show File Differences
R-gh-1.0.1: GitHub API
R-htmlwidgets-1.3: HTML widgets for R
R-httpuv-1.5.1nb1: HTTP and WebSocket server library
R-httr-1.4.2: Tools for working with URLs and HTTP
R-miniUI- Shiny UI widgets for small screens
R-rvest-0.3.5: Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages
R-shiny-1.3.2: Web application framework for R
R-shinyjs-1.0: Easily improve the user experience of your Shiny apps in seconds
SOGo-2.3.23nb18: Groupware server supporting CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV
SOGo-4.0.8nb8: Groupware server supporting CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV
SpeedyCGI-2.22nb14: Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently
adzap-20110915nb7: Filter out animated ad banners from web pages
aipo-8.0.1nb1: Web-based groupware that supports Japanese interface
album-4.15nb4: Generate HTML albums of images
album_themes-20081222nb5: Themes for the album generator
analog-6.0nb2: Extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles
ap24-auth-kerb-5.4: Module to allow Apache authentication using Kerberos
ap24-auth-mellon-0.13.1nb15: Module to allow Apache authentication using a SAML 2.0 IdP
ap24-authnz-crowd-2.2.2nb30: Apache module for Crowd authentication
ap24-mono-3.13: Apache module that provides ASP.NET support
ap24-php73-7.3.26nb5: Apache (apache24) module for PHP7.3
ap24-rpaf-0.8.4: Remaps reverse-proxied connections to "real" requesting IPs
ap24-auth-mellon-0.14.2nb10: SAML 2.0 authentication for Apache
ap24-encoding-20021209: Non-ascii filename interoperability
ap24-fcgid-2.3.9: High performance alternative to mod_cgi or mod_cgid
ap24-jk-1.2.43: Apache connector for accessing Jakarta Tomcat
ap24-limitipconn-0.24nb1: Limits per-IP connections to an Apache 2 server
ap24-mkdir-0.4: Home directory autocreation module
ap24-ruby26-passenger-5.3.7nb8: Passenger module for Apache 2.x
ap24-perl-2.0.11nb1: Module that embeds a Perl interpreter into Apache
ap24-py38-python-3.5.0nb2: Apache module that embeds the Python interpreter
ap24-subversion-1.14.0nb1: WebDAV server (Apache module) for Subversion
ap24-upload-0.8nb1: High performance file upload helper for PHP
ap24-xsendfile-0.12: Apache 2 module that processes X-SENDFILE headers
ap24-auth-ofba-0.6: MS-OFBA authentication
ap24-authz-ldap-0.30nb3: Apache LDAP Authorization module
ap24-dnssd-0.6nb15: Apache module which adds Zeroconf support via DNS-SD using Avahi
ap24-authnz-external-3.3.1: Apache module for external program authentication
apache-roller-5.1.2: Full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server
apache-tomcat-5.5.35: The Apache Project's Java Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 server
apache-tomcat-6.0.45nb1: Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
apache-tomcat-7.0.106: Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
apache-tomcat-8.0.53nb1: Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
apache-tomcat-8.5.61: Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
apache-tomcat-9.0.41: Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
apache-2.4.46nb2: Apache HTTP (Web) server, version 2.4
apachetop-0.18.4: Real time apache log display
asp2php-0.77.3: Converts asp pages to php pages
august-0.63b: Simple Tk-based HTML editor
aws- Adacore Ada Web Server and framework
aws-demos- Adacore Ada Web Server demonstration programs
awstats-7.7nb2: Free real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics
badwolf-1.0.3nb1: Minimalist and privacy-oriented webkit browser
bannerfilter-1.31nb8: Blocks advertising banners as squid redirector script
bins-1.1.29nb13: Static HTML photo album generator
bkedit-0.6.23nb6: Bookmark manager and editor
bluefish-2.2.10nb10: GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer
blur6ex-0.1.198nb7: Weblog and content framework
bozohttpd-20201014: Bozotic HTTP server; small and secure
c-icap-0.5.5nb2: Implementation of an ICAP server
c-icap-modules-0.5.3nb3: C-ICAP server modules
cadaver-0.23.3nb7: Command-line WebDAV client
caddy-0.11.4nb20: General-purpose web server
calamaris-2.59nb8: Squid logfile analyzer
ruby26-camping-2.1.532nb1: Ruby micro-framework for web applications
cgic-2.06: Thomas Boutell's ANSI C library for CGI Programming
cgicc-3.2.19: C++ compliant CGI applications libraries
cgilib-0.7: Common gateway interface library
cgit-1.2.3: Fast web interface for git
checkbot-1.80nb1: Verify links on a set of HTML pages
cherokee-1.2.101nb17: Flexible and fast web server
clearsilver-0.10.5nb13: Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
clearsilver-base-0.10.5nb3: Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
clisp-fastcgi-2.49: CLISP FastCGI module
php73-contao35-3.5.40nb1: Contao Open Source CMS 3.5.40
cppcms-1.0.4nb24: High performance C++ web development framework
crawl-0.4nb13: Small and efficient HTTP crawler
cronolog-1.6.2nb9: Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
curl-7.74.0: Client that groks URLs
cvsweb-3.0.6nb11: Web interface for browsing a CVS repository
dansguardian- Fast, featureful web content filter for Squid proxy servers
php73-davical- Simple CalDAV server using a PostgreSQL backend
deforaos-surfer-0.3.0nb6: DeforaOS desktop web browser
dillo-3.0.5nb9: Very small and fast graphical web-browser
drraw-2.2b2nb8: Simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool
php73-drupal-7.75: Open source content management system
php73-drupal-8.9.6: Open source content management system
e2guardian-5.1.1nb4: Web content filtering proxy
elinks-0.12rc6nb16: Extended/Enhanced Links
eliom-6.12.4: Dynamic webpage generation library
emacs-w3m-1.4.4nb4: Simple w3m interface for Emacs
emacs-w3m-1.4.632.20190920.1116: Emacs frontend for w3m browser
epiphany-3.36.2nb2: Web browser for the GNOME desktop
fcgi-2.4.0nb3: FastCGI application development kit
fcgiwrap-1.1.0: FastCGI wrapper for plain CGI scripts
felinks-0.13.2: Fork of elinks, the text web browser
fengoffice- Easy to use Open Source Web Office
ffproxy-1.6nb1: Filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server
firefox-84.0.2: Web browser with support for extensions (version 84)
firefox-esr-78: Meta-package for installing the most recent Firefox ESR version
firefox-l10n-84.0.2: Language packs for www/firefox
firefox52-52.9.0nb33: Web browser with support for extensions (version 52ESR)
firefox52-l10n-52.9.0: Language packs for www/firefox (version 52)
firefox68-68.12.0nb3: Web browser with support for extensions (version 68ESR)
firefox68-l10n-68.12.0: Language packs for www/firefox (version 68)
firefox78-78.6.1: Web browser with support for extensions (version 78ESR)
firefox78-l10n-78.6.1: Language packs for www/firefox (version 78)
firefox_decrypt-0.7.0nb1: Extract passwords from Mozilla Firefox profiles
gallery-1.5.10nb13: Web-based photo gallery written in PHP
gallery-2.3.2nb1: Web-based photo gallery written in PHP
ganglia-webfrontend-3.7.2nb3: PHP based frontend for the Ganglia Cluster Monitor
geckodriver-0.24.0: W3C WebDriver-compatible proxy for Gecko-based browsers
php73-geeklog-2.1.1: PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content
gitea-1.12.6nb1: Compact self-hosted Git service
gitweb-2.30.0: Web interface for GIT repositories
gnurl-7.72.0: Client that groks URLs (micro fork of curl)
go-ace-0.0.5nb1: HTML template engine for Go
go-cssmin-0.0.20151210nb26: Go port of Ryan Grove's cssmin
go-fasthttp-1.6.0nb13: Fast HTTP package for Go
go-ffuf-1.1.0nb4: Fast web fuzzer
go-gogs-client-0.0.20171114nb23: Gogs API client in Go
go-gohtml-0.0.20150923nb26: HTML formatter for Go
go-libsass- Go wrapper for libsass, the only Sass 3.5 compiler for Go
go-minify-2.7.3nb9: Go minifiers for web formats
go-mux-1.7.3nb13: URL router and dispatcher for Go
go-parse-2.4.2nb8: Go parsers for web formats
go-spritewell-0.5.0nb22: Native go implementation of image composition for CSS spriting
go-tocss-0.5.0nb22: Simple to use Go API for LibSass. Uses CGO
go-toml-burntsushi-0.3.1nb22: TOML parser for Golang with reflection
go-toml-pelletier-1.0.0nb26: TOML parser for Golang with reflection
go-urlesc- Proper URL escaping as per RFC3986
go-webhooks-3.12.0nb23: Webhook receiver for GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab
goaccess-1.3nb6: Real-time web log analyzer
grafana-7.3.1nb3: Metrics dashboard and graph editor
gtkasp2php-0.76.17nb3: Gtk+ version of utility to convert asp pages to php pages
guile-haunt-0.2.4: Functional static web site generator
gumbo-parser-0.10.1: HTML5 parsing library in pure C99
gwt-2.7.0: Google Web Toolkit
h2o-2.2.6nb1: Optimized HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2
haskell-cgi-20001206: CGI module for the Hugs Haskell 98 interpreter
ruby26-heel-3.2.1: Static file web server based on Rack and Thin
hiawatha-0.1nb5: Barebones HTTP server with XML and XSLT support (and more)
horde-3.3.13nb4: PHP application framework
hs-HTTP-4000.3.14: Haskell library for client-side HTTP
hs-cookie-0.4.5: HTTP cookie parsing and rendering
hs-http-client-0.6.4: HTTP client engine
hs-http-client-tls- TLS backend for Haskell http-client library
hs-http-types-0.12.3: Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code)
hs-xss-sanitize-0.3.6: Sanitize untrusted HTML to prevent XSS attacks
htdavlock-0.2nb10: Apache mod_dav_fs lock database management tool
htdig-3.2.0b6nb1: WWW indexing and searching system
htmlcxx-0.85: Simple non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++
htmldoc-1.9.8nb2: Converts HTML to indexed HTML, PDF and/or PostScript
htmldoc-x11-1.9.8nb1: Converts HTML to indexed HTML, PDF and/or PostScript
htmllint-20111128nb1: Another HTML-Lint program
http-parser-2.9.4: Parser for HTTP messages written in C
http_load-20060312nb6: Multiprocessing http test client
go-hugo-0.78.2nb1: Fast \& Modern Static Website Engine
ies4linux- Microsoft Internet Explorer installer
ijb-2.0.2nb1: Internet Junkbuster Proxy to block banner ads and cookies
ikiwiki-3.20200202.3nb3: Flexible static site generator with dynamic features
jalbum-8.5.3: Web photo album generator
jetty- Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container
jetty- Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container
kahua-1.0.1nb1: Continuation-based framework to develop application service
kannel-1.4.0nb13: Open source WAP and SMS gateway
kdewebkit-5.70.0nb5: KDE Integration for QtWebKit
khtml-5.70.0nb6: HTML rendering engine
kimagemapeditor-19.08.3nb11: HTML Image Map Editor
kjs-5.70.0nb3: Support for JS scripting in applications
kjsembed-5.70.0nb4: Embedded JS
kore-4.1.0: Web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
lhs-0.1nb10: Lightweight HTTP Server, IPv6-aware and SSL-enabled
libecap-1.0.1nb2: C++ implementation of eCAP API
libghttp-1.0.9nb1: GNOME http client library
libgtkhtml-2.6.3nb46: Lightweight HTML rendering GTK2 widget
libmediawiki-5.37.0nb7: Mediawiki C++ interface for KDE
libmicrohttpd-0.9.72nb2: Small C library to run an HTTP server as part of another app
libmrss-0.19.2nb21: C library for parsing, writing and creating RSS files or streams
libproxy-0.4.15nb1: Library that provides automatic proxy configuration management
libpsl-0.21.1nb2: Library to handle the Public Suffix List
librest07-0.7.93nb16: Library for "RESTful" web services
libsass-3.6.4: C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler
libwebsockets-4.1.4: Lightweight C library for websocket clients and servers
libwww-5.4.2nb4: The W3C Reference Library
liferea-1.12.8nb3: Simple FeedReader clone for reading RSS/RDF feeds
lighttpd-1.4.58: Fast, light-footprint HTTP server
links-2.21: Lynx-like text WWW browser
links-gui-2.21: Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser
litmus-0.13nb5: WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
llgal-0.13.19nb3: The llgal is an easy and fast on-line static gallery generator
loggerhead-1.18.1nb3: Web viewer for Bazaar branches
logswan-2.1.8: Fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures
lua53-curl-0.3.11nb5: Full lua bindings for libcurl
lua53-http-0.3nb1: HTTP/1.0/1.1/2.0 client and server library for Lua
lua53-psl-0.3nb1: Lua bindings to libpsl, a library that handles the Public Suffix List
lua53-web-sanitize-1.0.0: Lua library for sanitizing untrusted HTML
luakit-2.2.1nb2: Fast, small, WebKit based browser extensible with Lua
lynx- Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client
mMosaic-3.7.2nb11: Modern derivative of NCSA XMosaic
make_album-1.6nb14: Generate HTML albums of images
php56-matcha-sns-1.3.7: Social Networking Service software that supports Timeline
mediawiki-1.35.0: Free software wiki package originally written for Wikipedia
micro_httpd-20140814: Really small HTTP server than runs from inetd(8)
midori-9.0nb11: Lightweight web browser using WebKit
mimetex-1.72: CGI to convert LaTeX math expression to GIF image
mini_httpd-1.30nb1: Small, forking webserver with IPv6 and SSL support
mknmz-wwwoffle-0.7.2nb4: Full text indexing and searching system for wwwoffle's cache directory
ruby26-mongrel-1.1.5nb3: Fast HTTP library and server for Ruby
ruby26-mongrel-cluster-1.0.5nb1: Mongrel plugin to manage a mongrel cluster
ruby26-mongrel-config-0.3.1nb1: Mongrel web-based configuration tool
ruby26-mongrel-console-0.2.1nb1: Mongrel \& Rails IRB console
ruby26-mongrel-upload-progress-0.2.2nb1: Mongrel plugin to track file upload status
mono-xsp-4.7.1: Standalone web server written in C#
moodle-3.10: Course management system based on social constructionism
motyl-1.0.2: Opinionated blog-aware static site generator
mserv-php-0.90nb2: Quick web interface to mserv audio jukebox
nanoblogger-3.4.2nb1: Small weblog engine for the UNIX command line
nanoblogger-extra-3.4.2: Collection of various contributions and add-ons for nanoblogger
neon-0.30.2nb6: HTTP and WebDAV client library
netscape-20040123nb4: Open new window using netscape-like browser
netsurf-3.10nb2: Web browser for RISC OS and UNIX-like platforms
nghttp2-1.42.0nb1: Implementation of HTTP/2 in C
nghttp2-tools-1.42.0: Tools for nghttp2
nginx-1.18.0nb8: Lightweight HTTP server and mail proxy server
nginx-1.19.6: Lightweight HTTP server and mail proxy server
nostromo-1.9.9nb3: Fast, secure HTTP/1.1 CGI/1.1 SSL IPv4/IPv6 webserver
ns-plugger-common-4.0nb1: Streaming multimedia plugin for Netscape
ns-remote-1.12: Remote-control of Netscape and Mozilla-based browsers
nsm-2.0.1: Cross-platform git- and LaTeX-like command-line website manager
nspluginwrapper-1.4.4nb29: Use Netscape compatible plugins from other platforms
ocaml-cohttp-2.5.1: OCaml library for HTTP clients and servers
ocaml-curl-0.5.3nb35: OCaml bindings to the CURL library
ocaml-http-0.1.5nb14: Simple OCaml HTTP daemon library
ocaml-uri-3.1.0: RFC3986 URI parsing library for OCaml
ocsigen-2.16.1: Web programming framework for OCaml
ocsigen-i18n-3.7.0: I18n package for Ocsigen
ocsigen-start-2.21.1: Application skeleton for Eliom
ocsigen-toolkit-2.8.0: User interface widgets for Ocsigen applications
opera-12.16: Standards-compliant graphical Web browser
otter-browser-1.0.01nb11: Project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5
p5-Alien-GvaScript-1.45nb3: Gva extension to the prototype javascript framework
p5-Any-URI-Escape-0.01nb6: Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
p5-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.25: Perl 5 module providing simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
p5-AnyEvent-HTTPD-0.93nb10: Perl 5 simple lightweight event based web (application) server
p5-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP-0.05nb11: Perl 5 module providing reversehttp for AnyEvent
p5-AnyEvent-SCGI-1.1nb12: Perl 5 module providing a event based SCGI server
p5-Apache-ASP-2.63nb3: Perl5/Apache module of Perl-coded Active Server Pages
p5-Apache-DBILogConfig-0.02nb14: Database-independent Apache database logger
p5-Apache-DBILogger-0.93nb14: Database-independent httpd database logging module
p5-Apache-Filter-1.024nb12: Perl5 module to alter the output of previous Apache handlers
Apache-Gallery-1.0.2nb3: Perl5/Apache module for handling image directories
p5-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler-0.36: Compile a log format string to perl-code
p5-Apache-SSI-2.19nb12: Perl5 module to implement Server Side Includes
p5-Apache-Session-1.94: Perl5 module to provide persistent storage
p5-Apache-Session-SharedMem-0.6nb7: Apache::Session module that stores session data in shared memory
p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper-0.34nb6: Perl5 module doing a wrapper around Apache::Session
p5-Apache-Test-1.42: Wrapper for Test.pm to test an Apache server
p5-Apache2-AuthCASSimple-0.10nb12: Apache2 module to authenticate through a CAS server
p5-Apache2-AuthCookie-3.30: Perl5 module for Authentication and Authorization via cookies
p5-Apache2-AuthCookieDBI-2.19: Perl5 module AuthCookie backed by a DBI database
p5-App-Nopaste-1.013nb1: Perl 5 module providing easy access to any pastebin
p5-Browser-Open-0.04nb2: Open a browser in a given URL
p5-CGI-4.51: Perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
p5-CGI-Ajax-0.707nb11: Call perl asynchronously from javascript
p5-CGI-Application-4.61nb3: Perl5 module to create sophisticated, reusable web-based applications
p5-CGI-Application-PSGI-1.00nb11: Perl 5 module PSGI adapter for CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-DBH-4.04nb6: Easy DBI access from CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session-1.05nb5: Add CGI::Session support to CGI::Application
p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM-2.5nb8: Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator
p5-CGI-Compile-0.25: Perl 5 module to compile .cgi scripts to a code reference
p5-CGI-Cookie-Splitter-0.05nb5: Perl5 module for splitting big cookies into smaller ones
p5-CGI-Cookie-XS-0.18nb7: HTTP Cookie parser in pure C
p5-CGI-Emulate-PSGI-0.23nb4: Perl 5 module prodiving PSGI adapter for CGI
p5-CGI-Fast-2.15nb2: CGI Interface for Fast CGI
p5-CGI-FastTemplate-1.09nb14: Perl5 extension for managing templates
p5-CGI-FormBuilder-3.1000nb4: Perl5 module for building HTML forms
p5-CGI-Kwiki-0.18nb15: Quickie Wiki that is not too Tricky
p5-CGI-Lite-3.02nb3: Simple perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
p5-CGI-Minimal-1.30: Perl5 module for simple CGI scripts
p5-CGI-PSGI-0.15nb9: Perl 5 module to adapt CGI.pm to the PSGI protocol
p5-CGI-ProgressBar-0.05nb10: CGI.pm sub-class with a progress bar object
p5-CGI-Session-4.48nb9: Perl5 module providing session management across HTTP requests
p5-CGI-Session-Driver-memcached-0.04nb10: CGI::Session driver for memcached
p5-CGI-Session-Plugin-Redirect-1.01nb8: Perl5 module extension adding a redirect method for CGI::Session
p5-CGI-Session-Serialize-yaml-4.26nb10: Serializer for CGI::Session
p5-CGI-Simple-1.25nb1: Simple totally OO CGI interface that is CGI.pm compliant
p5-CGI-Struct-1.21nb7: Build structures from CGI data
p5-CSS-1.09nb9: Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets
p5-CSS-Minifier-XS-0.09nb4: XS based CSS minifier
p5-CSS-Squish-0.10nb9: Compact many CSS files into one big file
p5-CSS-Tiny-1.20nb5: Perl 5 module to read/write .css files with as little code as possible
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-0.97nb5: Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA API
p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA-Mailhide-0.94nb10: Perl implementation of the reCAPTCHA Mailhide API
p5-Catalyst-Action-REST-1.21nb3: Automated REST Method Dispatching
p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView-0.16nb9: Catalyst render action target
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-1.018nb3: HTTP Basic and Digest authentication for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-Proxy-0.06nb11: HTTP Proxy authentication for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-DBIx-Class-0.1506nb6: Storage class for Catalyst Authentication using DBIx::Class
p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Store-Htpasswd-1.006nb3: Authen::Htpasswd based user storage/authentication
p5-Catalyst-Component-ACCEPT_CONTEXT-0.07nb13: Make current Catalyst request context available in Models and Views
p5-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext-0.001001nb12: Return a new instance a component on each request
p5-Catalyst-Controller-BindLex-0.05nb15: Put lexicals on the catalyst stash
p5-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder-0.06nb10: Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller
p5-Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu-2.04nb3: Catalyst integration for HTML::FormFu
p5-Catalyst-Devel-1.42: Development tool kit for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-DispatchType-Regex-5.90035nb5: Deprecated Catalyst Regex DispatchType
p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-Prefork-0.51nb7: High-performance pre-forking Catalyst engine
p5-Catalyst-Engine-JobQueue-POE-0.0.4nb7: Implementing a Catalyst job queue with POE
p5-Catalyst-Engine-PSGI-0.14nb3: Perl 5 PSGI engine for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Manual-5.9011: Manual for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor-0.10nb10: Use a plain class as a Catalyst model
p5-Catalyst-Model-File-0.10nb7: File based storage model for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-0.100230nb7: Infrastructure plugin for the Catalyst authentication framework
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-RDBO-0.002nb13: Authentication and authorization against a Rose::DB::Object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-ACL-0.16nb6: ACL support for Catalyst applications
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles-0.09nb9: Role based authorization for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-AutoRestart-0.96nb7: Restart Catalyst when specified memory threshold reached
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader-0.35: Load Catalyst config from YAML file
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-I18N-0.10nb11: I18N for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-RequireSSL-0.07nb7: Force SSL mode on select pages
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Server-0.28nb9: Base Server plugin for RPC-able protocols
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-0.41nb2: Generic Catalyst Session plugin
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie-0.18: Maintain session IDs using cookies
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC-0.14nb5: DBIC session storage backend
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate-0.06nb12: Delegate session storage to an application model object
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap-0.16nb9: FastMmap session storage backend
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File-0.18nb12: File storage backend for session data
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace-0.12nb7: Display a stack trace on the debug screen
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple-0.36nb3: Serve static files with Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StatusMessage-1.002000nb6: Handle passing of status messages between screens of a web application
p5-Catalyst-Runtime-5.90128: The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
p5-Catalyst-View-Excel-Template-Plus-0.04nb5: Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus
p5-Catalyst-View-JSON-0.37nb1: JSON view for your data in Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Jemplate-0.06nb13: Jemplate view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-Mason-0.19nb6: HTML::Mason view class for Catalyst
p5-Catalyst-View-TT-0.45: Template Toolkit view class for Catalyst
p5-CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-REST-0.005nb5: Catalyst::Controller::REST with CRUD
p5-CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-RHTMLO-0.20nb11: Rose::HTML::Objects CRUD controller
p5-CatalystX-CRUD-View-Excel-0.07nb11: View CRUD search/list results in Excel format
p5-CatalystX-CRUD-YUI-0.031nb6: YUI for your CatalystX::CRUD view
p5-CatalystX-Component-Traits-0.19nb8: Automatic Trait Loading and Resolution for Catalyst Components
p5-CatalystX-LeakChecker-0.06nb10: Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications
p5-Cookie-Baker-0.11nb1: Perl extension for cookie string generator/parser
p5-Cookie-XS-0.11nb7: HTTP Cookie parser in C (deprecated)
p5-Dancer-1.3513nb1: Perl 5 lightweight yet powerful web application framework
p5-Dancer-Session-Cookie-0.30nb3: Encrypted cookie-based session backend for Dancer
p5-Dancer2-0.300004nb2: Lightweight yet powerful web application framework
p5-Data-URIEncode-0.11nb11: Allow complex data structures to be encoded using flat URIs
p5-FCGI-0.79nb1: Perl5 library for FastCGI, a fast startup alternative to CGI
p5-FCGI-Client-0.09nb3: Perl 5 client library for fastcgi protocol
p5-FCGI-ProcManager-0.28nb3: Functions for managing FastCGI applications
p5-File-Mork-0.4nb5: Module to read Mozilla URL history files
p5-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple-1.25nb5: Perl Module for Generating HTML Calendars
p5-HTML-Clean-1.4nb1: Perl5 module that cleans up HTML code for web browsers
p5-HTML-Display-0.40nb6: Display HTML locally in a browser
p5-HTML-Element-Extended-1.18nb11: Perl5 modules for managing HTML::Element based objects
p5-HTML-Email-Obfuscate-1.00nb11: Perl5 module for obfuscating HTML email addresses
p5-HTML-Entities-Interpolate-1.10nb4: Call HTML::Entities::encode_entities, via a hash, within a string
p5-HTML-Escape-1.10nb5: Extremely fast HTML escape
p5-HTML-FillInForm-2.21nb6: Perl5 module that populates HTML Forms with CGI data
p5-HTML-Form-6.07nb1: HTML Form Class that represents an HTML form element
p5-HTML-FormFu-2.07nb2: HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
p5-HTML-Format-2.12nb5: Perl5 modules for converting HTML to other text formats
p5-HTML-LinkExtractor-0.13nb12: Extract links from an HTML document
p5-HTML-Lint-2.32nb3: Perl 5 module to check for HTML errors in a string or file
p5-HTML-Mason-1.59: Perl-based web site development and delivery system
p5-HTML-Mason-PSGIHandler-0.53nb7: PSGI handler for HTML::Mason
p5-HTML-Parser-3.75: Perl5 module to parse HTML text documents
p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter-0.03nb14: Perl5 module for pretty-printing HTML
p5-HTML-Prototype-1.48nb12: Generate HTML and Javascript for the Prototype library
p5-HTML-Prototype-Useful-0.05nb12: Some useful additions for the Prototype library
p5-HTML-Quoted-0.04nb7: Perl5 module to extract structure of quoted HTML mail message
p5-HTML-Restrict-3.0.0nb2: Perl5 module for stripping unwanted HTML tags and attributes
p5-HTML-RewriteAttributes-0.05nb8: Perl module for concise attribute rewriting
p5-HTML-Scrubber-0.19nb1: Extension for scrubbing/sanitizing html
p5-HTML-Selector-XPath-0.25nb2: Perl 5 CSS Selector to XPath compiler
p5-HTML-SimpleParse-0.12nb14: Perl5 module implementing a bare-bones HTML parser
p5-HTML-StickyQuery-0.13nb9: Add sticky QUERY_STRING to a tag href attributes
p5-HTML-Stream-1.60nb12: Perl5 HTML output stream class, and some markup utilities
p5-HTML-Strip-2.10nb5: Perl5 module for strip HTML tag
p5-HTML-StripScripts-1.06nb4: Perl5 module to strip scripting constructs out of HTML
p5-HTML-StripScripts-Parser-1.03nb11: Perl5 module XSS filter using HTML::Parser
p5-HTML-Table-2.08anb12: Perl5 module to simplify creating HTML tables
p5-HTML-TableExtract-2.15nb4: Perl5 module to simplify extracting HTML tables
p5-HTML-Tagset-3.20nb12: Perl5 module of data tables useful in parsing HTML
p5-HTML-Template-2.97nb4: Perl5 module to create HTML templates with simple tags
p5-HTML-Template-Compiled-1.003nb2: Template System Compiles HTML::Template files to Perl code
p5-HTML-Template-Expr-0.07nb9: Perl5 module to create HTML templates with simple expressions
p5-HTML-Template-Pro-0.9510nb7: Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts
p5-HTML-Tiny-1.05nb11: Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation in Perl
p5-HTML-TokeParser-Simple-3.16nb7: Perl 5 module prodiving an easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface
p5-HTML-Tree-5.07nb3: Perl5 modules for manipulating HTML syntax trees
p5-HTML-TreeBuilder-LibXML-0.26nb4: Perl 5 HTML::TreeBuilder and XPath compatible interface with libxml
p5-HTML-TreeBuilder-XPath-0.14nb9: Perl 5 module adding XPath support to HTML::TreeBuilder
p5-HTML-WikiConverter-0.68nb11: Convert HTML to wiki markup
p5-HTML-WikiConverter-DokuWiki-0.53nb11: DokuWiki dialect module for converting HTML to wiki markup
p5-HTMLObject-2.30nb1: Perl5 module to quickly and easily create Dynamic HTML pages
p5-HTTP-Async-0.33nb4: Lightweight HTTP client implementation
p5-HTTP-Body-1.22nb6: HTTP Body Parser
p5-HTTP-Cache-Transparent-1.4nb3: Cache the result of http get-requests persistently
p5-HTTP-CookieJar-0.010: Minimalist HTTP user agent cookie jar
p5-HTTP-CookieMonster-0.11nb1: Easy read/write access to your jar of HTTP::Cookies
p5-HTTP-Cookies-6.08nb1: HTTP cookie jars
p5-HTTP-DAV-0.49nb2: HTTP::DAV interface and 'dave'
p5-HTTP-Daemon-6.12nb1: Simple http server class
p5-HTTP-Date-6.05nb1: Perl 5 module providing date conversion routines
p5-HTTP-Entity-Parser-0.24: PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser
p5-HTTP-GHTTP-1.07nb12: Perl interface to the gnome ghttp library
p5-HTTP-HeaderParser-XS-0.20nb7: XS extension for processing HTTP headers
p5-HTTP-Headers-Fast-0.22nb2: Perl extension for faster implementation of HTTP::Headers
p5-HTTP-Lite-2.4.4nb5: Lightweight HTTP client implementation
p5-HTTP-Message-6.26: Construct HTTP style messages
p5-HTTP-MultiPartParser-0.02nb3: HTTP MultiPart Parser
p5-HTTP-Negotiate-6.01nb9: Negotiate HTTP service parameters
p5-HTTP-OAI-4.10nb1: API for the OAI-PMH
p5-HTTP-Parser-0.06nb9: Perl 5 module to parse HTTP request into HTTP::Request/Response object
p5-HTTP-Parser-XS-0.17nb6: Perl 5 module providing a fast, primitive HTTP request parser
p5-HTTP-Proxy-0.304nb5: Perl5 module providing a simple HTTP proxy daemon
p5-HTTP-Request-AsCGI-1.2nb11: Setup a CGI enviroment from a HTTP::Request
p5-HTTP-Request-Form- Construct HTTP::Request objects for form processing
p5-HTTP-Response-Encoding-0.06nb11: Perl5 module to add encoding() to HTTP::Response
p5-HTTP-Server-EV-0.69nb3: Asynchronous HTTP server using EV event loop
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.52nb4: Perl5 module providing a simple standalone HTTP daemon
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen-0.04nb8: Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Kwiki-0.29nb12: Standalone HTTP server for Kwiki
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason-0.14nb10: Perl5 module providing a simple mason server
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.16nb6: PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Recorder-0.03nb11: Perl 5 module mixin to record HTTP::Server::Simple's sockets
p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Static-0.14nb3: Serve static files with HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-HTTP-Thin-0.006nb5: Thin Wrapper around HTTP::Tiny to play nice with HTTP::Message
p5-HTTP-Tiny-Mech-1.001002nb1: Wrap a WWW::Mechanize instance in an HTTP::Tiny compatible interface
p5-HTTP-Tiny-Multipart-0.08nb3: Add post_multipart to HTTP::Tiny
p5-HTTP-Tinyish-0.17: HTTP::Tiny compatible HTTP client wrappers
p5-HTTPD-User-Manage-1.66nb11: Perl script/modules for managing web access control
p5-Handel-1.00014nb6: Simple commerce framework with AxKit/TT/Catalyst support
p5-Hijk-0.28nb2: Hijk - Fast \& minimal low-level HTTP client
p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage-1.04nb12: Matches language preference to available languages
p5-JSON-RPC-1.06nb6: JSON RPC 2.0 Server implementation for Perl
p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS-0.11nb4: XS based JavaScript minifier
p5-JavaScript-Value-Escape-0.07nb5: Avoid XSS with JavaScript value interpolation
p5-Jemplate-0.30nb3: Javascript Templating with Template Toolkit
p5-Kwiki-0.39nb12: Extensible, modular, Perl-based Wiki
p5-Kwiki-Archive-Cvs-0.104nb11: Kwiki page archive using CVS
p5-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs-0.16nb6: Kwiki page archive using RCS
p5-Kwiki-BreadCrumbs-0.12nb13: Kwiki breadcrumbs plugin
p5-Kwiki-Edit-RequireUserName-0.02nb12: Kwiki plugin to require a user name to edit
p5-Kwiki-Favorites-0.13nb13: Kwiki plugin to bookmark favorite pages
p5-Kwiki-HtmlBlocks-0.11nb13: Kwiki plugin to display blocks of HTML markup
p5-Kwiki-Icons-Gnome-0.15nb12: Kwiki GNOME icons plugin
p5-Kwiki-ModPerl-0.09nb13: Kwiki integration with ModPerl
p5-Kwiki-NewPage-0.12nb13: Kwiki plugin to create a new Wiki page
p5-Kwiki-Notify-Mail-0.04nb12: Kwiki email notification plugin
p5-Kwiki-PagePrivacy-0.10nb13: Kwiki page-level privacy plugin
p5-Kwiki-ParagraphBlocks-0.12nb13: Kwiki plugin to display paragraphs with embedded whitespace
p5-Kwiki-PreformattedBlocks-0.11nb13: Kwiki plugin to display preformatted text
p5-Kwiki-RecentChanges-0.14nb12: Kwiki plugin to display recent changes
p5-Kwiki-Revisions-0.15nb13: Kwiki revisions plugin
p5-Kwiki-Scode-0.03nb14: Kwiki Scode plugin to protect against wiki spammers
p5-Kwiki-Search-0.12nb13: Kwiki search plugin
p5-Kwiki-Simple-Server-HTTP-0.03nb12: Kwiki plugin to start a standalone Kwiki HTTP server
p5-Kwiki-UserName-0.14nb13: Kwiki user name plugin
p5-Kwiki-UserPreferences-0.13nb13: Kwiki user preferences plugin
p5-Kwiki-Users-Remote-0.04nb13: Kwiki plugin to automatically set user name from HTTP authentication
p5-Kwiki-Weather-0.05nb12: Weather button and WAFL for your Kwiki
p5-Kwiki-Wikiwyg-0.13nb12: Kwiki plugin for WYSIWYG editing
p5-Kwiki-Zipcode-0.12nb12: Kwiki Zipcode Plugin
p5-LWP-Authen-Negotiate-0.08nb12: Library for enabling GSSAPI authentication in LWP
p5-LWP-Authen-Wsse-0.05nb13: Library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP
p5-LWP-ConsoleLogger-0.000042nb1: LWP tracing and debugging
p5-LWP-MediaTypes-6.04nb1: Guess media type for a file or a URL
p5-LWP-Online-1.08nb9: Does your process have access to the web
p5-LWP-Protocol-Net-Curl-0.026nb1: Provide Curl support for LWP::UserAgent
p5-LWP-Protocol-PSGI-0.11nb1: Perl extension to override LWP HTTP/HTTPS backend with your PSGI app
p5-LWP-Protocol-https-6.09: Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent
p5-LWP-UserAgent-Determined-1.07nb6: Perl5 virtual browser that retries errors
p5-LWPx-ParanoidAgent-1.12nb3: Subclass of module LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm
p5-LWPx-TimedHTTP-1.8nb9: Perl 5 module to time the different stages of an HTTP request
p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession-0.31nb12: Perl5 module adding a session to the Mason Request obj
p5-Mojolicious-8.59: Perl web framework: The Web In A Box!
p5-Net-Curl-0.45: Perl binding interface for curl
p5-Net-FastCGI-0.14nb7: Perl 5 module to build and parse FastCGI messages
p5-Net-HTTP-6.19nb1: Perl 5 module for low-level HTTP connections (client)
p5-POE-Component-Server-PSGI-0.6nb7: PSGI Server implementation for POE
p5-POE-Component-Server-SOAP-1.14nb7: SOAP Server implementation for POE
p5-POE-Component-Server-SimpleHTTP-2.28nb2: Simple HTTP Server implementation for POE
p5-POE-Filter-HTTP-Parser-1.08nb5: HTTP POE filter for HTTP clients or servers
p5-PSGI-1.102nb7: Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification
p5-ParallelUserAgent-2.62nb4: CPAN Bundle for the LWP Parallel User Agent extension
p5-Plack-1.0047nb3: PSGI toolkit and servers
p5-Plack-App-Proxy-0.29nb7: Plack middleware proxy application
p5-Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-HTTPD-0.03nb7: Plack handler to run PSGI apps on AnyEvent::HTTPD
p5-Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP-0.04nb11: Reversehttp gateway for PSGI application
p5-Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-SCGI-0.03nb6: PSGI handler on AnyEvent::SCGI
p5-Plack-Handler-SCGI-0.02nb11: PSGI handler on SCGI daemon
p5-Plack-Middleware-Auth-Digest-0.05nb5: Plack middleware enabling digest authentication
p5-Plack-Middleware-ConsoleLogger-0.05nb5: Plack middleware to write logs to Firebug or Webkit Inspector
p5-Plack-Middleware-Debug-0.18: Plack middleware to display information on request/response
p5-Plack-Middleware-Deflater-0.12nb6: Plack middleware to compress response body with Gzip or Deflate
p5-Plack-Middleware-File-Sass-0.03nb9: Sass support for all Plack frameworks
p5-Plack-Middleware-FixMissingBodyInRedirect-0.12nb6: Sets body for redirect response, if it's not already set
p5-Plack-Middleware-Header-0.04nb10: Plack middleware to modify HTTP response headers
p5-Plack-Middleware-JSConcat-0.29nb11: Plack middleware to concatenate javascripts
p5-Plack-Middleware-MethodOverride-0.20nb3: Override REST methods to Plack apps via POST
p5-Plack-Middleware-RemoveRedundantBody-0.09nb1: Removes body for HTTP response if it's not required
p5-Plack-Middleware-ReverseProxy-0.16nb1: Plack middleware to support reverse proxy
p5-Plack-Middleware-Session-0.33nb1: Plack middleware for session management
p5-Plack-Middleware-Test-StashWarnings-0.08nb6: Plack middleware component to record warnings
p5-Plack-Test-Agent-1.4nb5: OO interface for testing low-level Plack/PSGI apps
p5-Plack-Test-ExternalServer-0.02nb5: Run HTTP tests on external live servers
p5-Pod-POM-Web-1.23nb3: Perl 5 module providing a HTML Perldoc server
p5-Reaction-0.2.5nb9: Perl 5 extended MVC framework based on Catalyst
p5-Role-REST-Client-0.23nb2: REST Client Role
p5-Rose-HTML-Objects-0.623nb5: Object-oriented interfaces for HTML
p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-Autocomplete-0.02nb12: Ajax autocompletion for text fields
p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-Boolean-0.03nb12: Extend Rose::HTML::Objects RadioButtonGroup
p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-PopUpMenuNumeric-0.001nb11: Extend Rose::HTML::Objects with popup menu for numeric values
p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Field-Serial-0.002nb12: Represent auto-increment columns in a form
p5-Rose-HTMLx-Form-Related-0.24nb6: RHTMLO forms, living together
p5-Rose-URI-1.02nb5: URI class for easy and efficient manipulation of URI components
p5-Router-Simple-0.17nb6: Simple HTTP router for web applications
p5-SCGI-0.6nb11: Perl 5 module to implement SCGI interface
p5-SVN-Web-0.63nb3: Unstable snapshot of Subversion repository browser
p5-Session-Storage-Secure-0.011nb3: Encrypted, expiring, compressed, serialized session data with integrity
p5-Starlet-0.31nb3: Perl 5 Plack based standalone HTTP/1.0 server
p5-Starman-0.4015nb1: High-performance preforking PSGI web server
p5-Task-CatInABox-0.04nb1: Catalyst and related modules for exploring Catalyst
p5-Task-Catalyst-Tutorial-0.06nb11: Tutorial to learn everything about Catalyst
p5-Tatsumaki-0.1013nb10: Perl 5 non-blocking web framework based on Plack and AnyEvent
p5-Template-Extract-0.41nb14: Perl5 module for extracting data structure from TT2-rendered documents
p5-Template-Generate-0.04nb20: Perl5 module for generating TT2 templates from TT2-rendered documents
p5-Template-Multilingual-1.00nb11: Subclass of Template Toolkit supporting multilingual templates
p5-Template-Plugin-Clickable-0.06nb11: TT2 plugin to make URLs clickable in HTML
p5-Template-Plugin-Clickable-Email-0.01nb11: TT2 plugin to transform email addresses in to HTML links
p5-Template-Plugin-Subst-0.02nb11: Substitution functionality for Template Toolkit templates
p5-Template-Provider-Encoding-0.10nb11: Explicitly declare encodings of your templates
p5-Template-Stash-EscapeHTML-0.02nb11: Escape HTML automatically in Template-Toolkit
p5-Template-Stash-HTML-Entities-1.3.1nb12: Encode Template toolkit stash values using HTML::Entities
p5-Template-Timer-1.00nb11: Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit
p5-Template-Toolkit-3.009nb1: Perl5 text template and dynamic web page integration toolkit
p5-Template-Toolkit-Simple-0.31nb6: Perl 5 module providing a simple Interface to Template Toolkit
p5-Test-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.11nb11: Perl 5 module providing Test::More functions for HTTP::Server::Simple
p5-Test-LWP-UserAgent-0.034nb1: LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls
p5-Test-WWW-Declare-0.02nb12: Perl 5 module for declarative testing of web app
p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-1.52nb2: Perl5 module providing testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass
p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst-0.62nb1: Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst
p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-PSGI-0.39nb1: Perl 5 module to test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize
p5-Twiggy-0.1025nb6: AnyEvent HTTP server for PSGI
p5-URI-1.76nb2: Perl5 Uniform Resource Identifiers class (URI, RFC 2396)
p5-URI-Escape-XS-0.14nb4: Escape and unescape unsafe characters in URIs
p5-URI-Fetch-0.13nb4: Perl module to intelligently fetch syndication feeds
p5-URI-Find-20160806nb4: Perl5 module to find URIs in arbitrary text
p5-URI-FromHash-0.05nb4: Build a URI from a set of named parameters
p5-URI-Nested-0.10nb7: Perl extension to provide nested URIs
p5-URI-Query-0.16nb4: Perl5 module providing URI query string manipulation
p5-URI-db-0.19nb3: Perl extension to provide database URIs
p5-URI-ws-0.03nb4: WebSocket support for URI package
p5-VRML-1.10nb12: Set of VRML classes for Perl
p5-WWW-Amazon-Wishlist-2.019nb3: Perl5 module to get details from your Amazon wishlist
p5-WWW-CSRF-1.00nb6: Generate and check tokens to protect against CSRF attacks
p5-WWW-Facebook-API-0.4.18nb13: Facebook API implementation
p5-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded-0.26nb1: Parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded
p5-WWW-Mechanize-2.01: Automates web page form \& link interaction
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Cached-1.54nb1: Cache response to be polite
p5-WWW-Mechanize-FormFiller-0.12nb4: Framework to automate HTML forms
p5-WWW-Mechanize-GZip-0.14nb3: Perl 5 module to fetch webpages with gzip-compression
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Shell-0.59nb2: Interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize
p5-WWW-Mechanize-Timed-0.44nb9: Perl 5 module for timing Mechanize requests
p5-WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-Create-1.003nb6: Paste to from Perl
p5-WWW-Pastebin-RafbNet-Create-0.001nb11: Create new pastes on http://rafb.net/ from Perl
p5-WWW-RobotRules-6.02nb9: Perl 5 module database of robots.txt-derived permissions
p5-WWW-Shorten-3.093nb4: Perl 5 module interface to URL shortening sites
p5-Web-Scraper-0.38nb6: Perl 5 Web Scraping Toolkit inspired by Scrapi
p5-WordPress-XMLRPC-2.12nb3: Perl 5 API to WordPress XML-RPC services
p5-ap24-libapreq2-2.13nb5: Lots of Apache specific httpd handling modules
p5-libwww-6.49: Perl5 library for WWW access
paros-3.2.13nb1: HTTP/HTTPS proxy for assessing web application vulnerabilities
ruby26-passenger-5.3.7nb8: Web and application server for Ruby, Python and Node.js
php73-pear-HTML_Common-1.2.5: Base PHP class for other HTML classes
php73-pear-HTML_Select-1.3.1: PHP class for generating HTML form select elements
php73-pear-HTML_TreeMenu-1.2.2: PHP class for generating tree menus
php73-pear-HTTP-1.4.1: PHP support for miscellaneous HTTP functions
php73-pear-HTTP_Request-1.4.4: PHP classes to provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
php73-pear-HTTP_Request2-2.4.2: PHP classes to provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests
php73-apcu-5.1.19: APCu - APC User Cache
php56-apcu-4.0.11: APCu - APC User Cache
php73-apcu_bc-1.0.5: APCu Backwards Compatibility Module
php73-basercms-3.0.16: Easy to use Content Management System for Japan/Japanese
php56-concrete5- Open sourece Content Management System
php73-curl-7.3.26nb9: PHP extension for curl functions
php73-fpm-7.3.26nb5: FPM interface for PHP7.3
glpi-9.4.6: IT inventory management software
php56-http-2.6.0nb14: PHP extension for extended HTTP support
php73-http-3.2.3: PHP extension for extended HTTP support
php73-ja-wordpress-5.6: Blogging tool written in php (Localized for Japanese)
php73-nextcloud-20.0.5: File sharing web service server
php73-owncloud-10.1.0nb4: Web services under your control
php56-phalcon-3.4.5: Web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance
php73-phalcon-4.1.0: Web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance
php56-phrasea2-3.1.4nb2: Digital asset management
php73-piwigo-2.9.1: Piwigo is photo gallery software for the web
php56-propro-1.0.2: Reusable split-off of pecl_http's property proxy API
php73-propro-2.1.0: Reusable split-off of pecl_http's property proxy API
php73-soycms-1.4.0cnb1: Flexible and pluggable CMS
php73-tidy-7.3.26: PHP extension for tidy functions
php73-tiki6-6.8nb1: Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware web-based application
php73-tt-rss-1.12nb1: Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based RSS feed reader
php73-tt-rss-fever-plugin-1.2: Fever emulation plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS
php73-uploadprogress-1.1.3: PHP extension to track progress of a file upload
phraseanet-3.1.4nb7: Digital asset management
phraseanet-indexer-3.1.4nb5: Digital asset management
pound-2.8nb2: Reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end
privoxy-3.0.28nb1: Web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities
pup-0.4.0nb28: Parsing HTML at the command line
py27-ClientForm-0.2.10: Python module for handling HTML forms on the client side
py38-FormEncode-1.3.1: HTML form validation, generation, and conversion package
py27-HTMLgen-2.2.2nb1: Class library for the generation of HTML documents
py38-MechanicalSoup-0.12.0: Library for automating interaction with websites
py38-PasteDeploy-2.0.1: Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
py38-PasteScript-2.0.2: Pluggable command-line frontend for setting up package file layouts
py38-Routes-2.4.1: Python re-implementation of the Rails routes system for mapping URLs
py38-URLObject-2.4.3: Utility class for manipulating URLs
py38-WSGIProxy2-0.4.6: WSGI Proxy with various http client backends
py38-WebOb-1.8.6: Python module providing WSGI request and response objects
py38-WebTest-2.0.35: Helper to test WSGI applications
py38-aiohttp-3.7.3nb1: Async http client/server framework
py38-aiohttp-cors-0.7.0: CORS support for aiohttp
py38-aiohttp-socks-0.5.3: SOCKS proxy connector for aiohttp
py38-asgiref-3.3.1: Contains various reference ASGI implementations
py38-autobahn-20.1.2nb1: WebSocket client and server library, WAMP real-time framework
py27-beautifulsoup-3.2.2: HTML/XML Parser for Python, version 3
py38-beautifulsoup4-4.9.3: HTML/XML Parser for Python, version 4
py38-betamax-0.8.1: VCR imitation for python-requests
py38-bleach-3.2.1: Easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool
py27-blosxom-1.5.3nb3: PyBlosxom is a lightweight file-based weblog system
py38-bottle-0.12.19: Fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python
py38-cfscrape-2.0.8: Python module for dealing with Cloudfare protection
py38-channels-2.4.0: Brings event-driven capabilities to Django with a channel system
py38-cheroot-6.5.8: High-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy
py38-cherrypy-18.2.0: Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
py38-cherrypy-17.4.0: Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
py27-clearsilver-0.10.5nb4: Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
py27-cloudfiles-1.7.11: CloudFiles client library for Python
py38-cookies-2.2.1: RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer
py38-curl- Python module interface to the cURL library
py38-daphne-2.5.0: HTTP, HTTP2 and WebSocket protocol server for ASGI
py38-django-1.11.29: Django, a high-level Python Web framework
py38-django-admin-rangefilter-0.6.3: Add the filter by a custom date range on the admin UI
py38-django-admin-sortable2-0.7.7: Generic drag-and-drop sorting for Views in the Django Admin
py38-django-appconf-0.6: Helper class for handling configuration defaults of Django
py27-django-appmedia-1.0.1: Handling django app media
py38-django-binary-database-files-1.0.13nb1: In-database file storage backend for Django
py38-django-celery-beat-1.4.0: Database-backed Periodic Tasks
py38-django-classy-tags-2.0.0: Class based template tags for Django
py38-django-cms-3.8.0: Django content management system
py38-django-cmsplugin_gallery-1.1.7: DjangoCMS image gallery plugin
py38-django-cogwheels-0.3: Setting framework for Django
py38-django-contrib-comments-2.0.0: Framework to attach comments to any Django model
py38-django-cors-headers-3.6.0: Django application for handling headers required for CORS
py38-django-countries-5.5: Provides a country field for Django models
py38-django-debug-toolbar-2.2: Debugging toolbar for Django
py38-django-extensions-3.1.0: Extensions for Django
py38-django-filer-2.0.2: File management application for Django
py38-django-filter-2.2.0nb1: Generic dynamic filtering support for Django
py38-django-formtools-2.2: Collection of assorted utilities for specific form use cases
py38-django-import-export-2.5.0: Django application and library for importing and exporting data
py38-django-inline-ordering-1.0.2: Django app to ease ordering of related data
py38-django-js-asset-1.2.2: Script tag with additional attributes for django.forms.Media
py38-django-kronos-1.0: Django application to define and schedule tasks with cron
py38-django-modelcluster-5.0.2: Django extension for offline model instances
py38-django-mptt-0.11.0: Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal
py38-django-phonenumber-field-4.0.0: Django library for managing phone numbers
py38-django-photologue-3.8.1nb1: Plug-in photo management application for the Django framework
py38-django-polymorphic-3.0.0: Simplifies using inherited models in Django projects
py38-django-registration-2.4.1: User-registration application for Django
py38-django-rest-framework-proxy-1.6.0: Easy proxying of incoming REST requests
py38-django-reversion-3.0.8: Version control facilities for Django
py38-django-sekizai-2.0.0: Django Template Blocks with extra functionality
py38-django-sortedm2m-1.5.0: Drop-in replacement for Django's many to many field
py38-django-south-1.0.1: Intelligent schema and data migrations for Django projects
py38-django-sql-explorer-1.1.3: Pluggable app that allows to execute SQL, view, and export the results
py38-django-tagging-0.4.3: Generic tagging application for Django
py38-django-taggit-1.3.0: Generic tagging application for Django
py38-django-tastypie-0.14.3: Flexible and capable API layer for Django
py38-django-timezone-field-3.0: Database and form fields for pytz timezone objects
py38-django-treebeard-4.4: Efficient tree implementations for the Django Web Framework
py27-django-1.4.22: Django, a high-level Python Web framework (LTS version)
py38-django-2.2.17: Django, a high-level Python Web framework
py38-django-3.1.5: Django, a high-level Python Web framework
py38-djangocms-admin-style-2.0.2: Adds pretty CSS styles for the django CMS admin interface
py38-djangocms-attributes-field-2.0.0: Implementation of JSONField for arbitrary HTML element attributes
py38-djangocms-audio-2.0.0: Django CMS plugin that inserts an icon (font or svg)
py38-djangocms-column-1.11.0: Multi Column Plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-file-3.0.0: File plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-flash-0.3.0: Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-googlemap-2.0.0: Google Maps plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-icon-2.0.0: Django CMS plugin that inserts an icon (font or svg)
py38-djangocms-inherit-0.2.2: Flash plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-link-3.0.0: Django CMS plugin that allows to add links
py38-djangocms-picture-3.0.0: Django CMS plugin that allows you to add images
py38-djangocms-style-3.0.0: Plugin for django CMS to add CSS classes to other plugins
py38-djangocms-teaser-0.2.0: Teaser plugin for django CMS
py38-djangocms-text-ckeditor-4.0.0: Text Plugin for Django CMS with CK-Editor
py38-djangocms-video-3.0.0: Django CMS plugin that allow you to publish video content
py38-djangorestframework-3.12.2: Lightweight REST framework for Django
py38-draftjs_exporter-4.1.1: Library to convert Draft.js raw ContentState to HTML
py38-drf-nested-routers-0.92.5: Nested resources for the Django Rest Framework
py38-easy-thumbnails-2.7.1: Easy thumbnails for Django
py38-feedgen-0.9.0: Feed Generator (ATOM, RSS, Podcasts)
py38-feedgenerator-1.9.1: Standalone version of django.utils.feedgenerator, compatible with Py3k
py38-filebrowser_safe-0.5.0: Permanent fork of FileBrowser asset manager for Mezzanine
py38-flask-1.1.2: Python web microframework
py38-flask-admin-1.5.7: Simple and extensible administrative interface framework for Flask
py38-flask-api-1.1: Browsable web APIs for Flask
py38-flask-assets-2.0: Flask webassets integration
py38-flask-babel-1.0.0: Adds i18n/l10n support to Flask applications
py38-flask-babelex-0.9.4: Adds i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz
py38-flask-bootstrap- Flask extension for Twitter's Bootstrap
py38-flask-caching-1.9.0: Caching support to your Flask application
py38-flask-common-0.3.0: Common functionality for Flask
py38-flask-cors-3.0.10: Flask extension for handling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
py38-Flask-DebugToolbar-0.10.1: Port of the Django debug toolbar to Flask
py38-flask-flatpages-0.7.2: Provides flat static pages to a Flask application
py38-flask-frozen-0.15: Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files
py38-flask-jwt-extended-3.24.1: Extended JWT integration with Flask
py38-Flask-Limiter-1.0.1: Rate limiting for flask applications
py38-flask-login-0.5.0: User session management for Flask
py38-flask-mail-0.9.1: Flask extension for sending email
py38-flask-principal-0.4.0: Identity management for Flask
py38-flask-rest-1.3: Simple REST toolkit for Flask
py38-flask-restful-0.3.8: Simple framework for creating REST APIs
flask-restplus-0.13.0: Fully featured framework for fast, easy and documented API development
py38-flask-script-2.0.6: Scripting support for Flask
py38-flask-security-3.0.0nb1: Simple security for Flask apps
py38-flask-sqlalchemy-2.4.4: Adds SQLAlchemy support to your Flask application
py38-Flask-SSLify-0.1.5: Force SSL on your Flask app
py38-Flask-Testing-0.7.1: Unit testing for Flask
py38-flask-uploads-0.2.1: Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask
py38-Flask-User- Customizable user account management for Flask
py38-flask-webpack-0.1.0: Flask extension to manage assets with Webpack
py38-flask-wtf-0.14.3: Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
py38-flup-1.0.3: WSGI support modules
py38-furl-2.1.0: URL manipulation made simple
py27-gdata-2.0.18: Google Data API Python client library
py38-genshi-0.7.3: Python toolkit for generation of output for the web
py38-google-api-python-client-1.12.8: Python client library for Google's discovery based APIs
py38-google-apitools-0.5.31: Client libraries for humans
py27-graphite-web-0.9.15: Enterprise scalable realtime graphing platform
py38-grappelli_safe-0.5.2: Permanent fork of Grapelli admin skin for Mezzanine
py38-gunicorn-20.0.4: Python WSGI HTTP server
py38-h11-0.12.0: Pure-Python, bring-your-own-I/O implementation of HTTP/1.1
py38-h2-4.0.0: HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation
py38-hstspreload-2020.8.8: Chromium HSTS Preload list
py38-http-parser-0.9.0: HTTP request/response parser
py38-http_ece-1.0.5: Python support for the encryped Content-Encoding (RFC 8188)
py38-httpbin-0.7.0: HTTP Request and Response Service
py38-httpcore-0.12.2: Minimal low-level HTTP client
py38-httpie-1.0.3: Human-friendly command line HTTP client
py38-httplib2-0.18.1: Comprehensive http client library for Python
py38-httptools-0.1.1: Collection of framework independent HTTP protocol utils
py38-httpx-0.16.1: The next generation HTTP client
py38-hyperframe-6.0.0: HTTP/2 framing layer for Python
py38-hyperlink-21.0.0: Featureful, correct URL for Python
py38-idna-2.10: Python module for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
py38-idna-ssl-1.1.0: Patch ssl.match_hostname for Unicode(idna) domains support
py38-ipywidgets-7.5.1: IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
py27-jonpy-0.06nb1: Tools for FastCGI/CGI Python programs
py38-landslide-1.1.8: Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile
py38-livereload-2.6.3: Python web server for developers
py38-mechanize-0.4.5: Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python
py38-meinheld-1.0.2: Python WSGI HTTP server
py38-mezzanine-4.3.1: Open source content management platform on Django
py38-ap24-mod_wsgi-4.7.1: WSGI module for apache
py38-model_mommy-2.0.0: Smart object creation facility for Django
py27-moin-1.9.10nb1: MoinMoin, a Python clone of WikiWiki
py38-nbconvert-5.6.1: Converting Jupyter Notebooks
py38-nbformat-5.0.8: Jupyter Notebook format
py27-nevow-0.14.5: Next-generation web application templating system
py38-notebook-6.0.3: Web-based notebook environment for interactive computing
py38-parsel-1.6.0: Library to extract data from HTML and XML using XPath and CSS
py38-paste-3.4.4: Middleware for Python WSGI applications
py38-pelican-4.5.0: Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax
py38-protego-0.1.16: Pure-Python robots.txt parser with support for modern conventions
py38-publicsuffix2-2.20190812: Public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List
py38-purl-1.5: Immutable URL class for easy URL-building and manipulation
py38-pylint-django-2.4.2: Pylint plugin to aid Pylint in recognising the Django framework
py38-pystache-0.5.4: Mustache for Python
py27-python-digest-1.7: Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
py38-python-mimeparse-1.6.0: Module provides basic functions for parsing mime-type names
py38-python-digest-1.8b4nb1: Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication
py27-pywebdav-0.9.8: Standards compliant Python WebDAV server and library
py38-raven-6.10.0: Client for Sentry
py27-recaptcha-1.0.6: Plugin for reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA Mailhide
py38-respx-0.16.3: Utility for mocking out the Python HTTPX library
py38-rfc3986-1.4.0: Validating URI References per RFC 3986
py38-robobrowser-0.5.3nb1: Your friendly neighborhood web scraper
py38-rss2gen-1.1: Python module to generate RSS feeds
py38-sanic-20.12.1: Microframework based on uvloop, httptools, and learnings of flask
py27-scgi-1.15: Simple Common Gateway Interface
py38-scrapy-1.8.0: High-level Web Crawling and Web Scraping framework
py38-selenium-3.141.0: Python bindings for Selenium
py27-SimpleTAL-4.1nb1: Stand alone implementation of the Zope TAL
py38-soupsieve-1.9.5: CSS4 selector implementation for Beautiful Soup
py38-sparqlwrapper-1.8.0: SPARQL endpoint interface to Python
py38-static-1.1.1: Serve static or templated content via WSGI or stand-alone
py38-swiftclient-3.5.0: Python bindings to the OpenStack Object Storage API
py27-swish-e-0.5nb2: Simple Python binding for Swish-E
py38-terminado-0.8.3: Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets
py38-test-django-3.10.0: Django plugin for pytest
py38-test-httpbin-1.0.0: Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin
py38-tornado-5.1.1: Fast and non-blocking web framework
py38-trytond-web-user-4.2.0: The web_user module of the Tryton application platform
py27-trytond-webdav-4.2.0: Webdav module of the Tryton application platform
py27-twill-1.8.0nb1: Python package for the twill Web browsing language
py27-uliweb-0.5: Easy python web framework
py38-urllib3-1.26.2: HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling
py38-uvicorn-0.13.3: The lightning-fast ASGI server
py38-uwsgi-2.0.18nb4: Feature-rich WSGI server
py38-uwsgitop-0.11: Command to interface with the uWSGI stats server
py38-w3lib-1.22.0: Python library of web-related functions
py38-wagtail-2.10.2: Django-based Content Management System
py38-wagtailmenus-3.0.2: Menu system for the Wagtail CMS
py38-wagtailnews-2.7.1: News system for the Wagtail CMS
py38-waitress-1.4.3: Production-quality pure-Python WSGI server
py38-webassets-2.0: Asset management for Python web development
py38-webcolors-1.11.1: Library for working with color specifications for HTML and CSS
py27-web.py-0.37: Simple, public domain web publishing system
py38-websocket-client-0.57.0: WebSocket client module
py38-websockets-8.1: Implementation of the WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455)
py38-werkzeug-1.0.1: Python WSGI Utility Library
py38-werkzeug-docs-1.0.1: Python WSGI Utility Library (HTML documentation)
py38-whitenoise-4.1.4: Simplified static file serving for WSGI applications
py38-wsproto-1.0.0: Pure Python, pure state-machine WebSocket implementation
py38-wstools-0.4.8: WSDL parsing services package for Web Services
py38-wtforms-2.3.3: Flexible forms validation and rendering library
py38-wtforms-alchemy-0.17.0: Generates WTForms forms from SQLAlchemy models
py38-wtforms-components-0.10.4: Additional fields, validators and widgets for WTForms
py38-wtforms-recaptcha-0.3.2: Custom WTForms field that handles reCaptcha display and validation
py38-wtforms-test-0.1.1: Various unit test helpers for WTForms based forms
py38-yarl-1.6.3: Yet another URL library
py38-zope.proxy-4.3.5: Generic Transparent Proxies
qDecoder-9.0.1: Web Application Interface for C/C++ (CGI Library)
qutebrowser-1.13.1nb3: Keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5
ruby26-raggle-0.4.4nb4: Console-based screen(1)-aware RSS reader written in Ruby
ruby26-ramaze-2012.12.08: Ruby lightweight, modular, web application framework
rekonq-2.4.2nb25: web browser for KDE based on WebKit
ruby26-actioncable52- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 5.2)
ruby26-actioncable60- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 6.0)
ruby26-actionpack52- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 5.2)
ruby26-actionpack60- Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 6.0)
ruby26-actionview52- Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails 5.2)
ruby26-actionview60- Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails 6.0)
ruby26-borges-1.1.0nb2: Ruby web application framework
ruby26-capybara-3.34.0: Integration testing tool for rack based web applications
ruby26-clearsilver-0.10.5nb4: Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
ruby26-coffee-rails52-5.0.0: Coffee Script adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby26-compass-1.0.3nb1: Stylesheet authoring framework based on Sass
ruby26-compass-core-1.0.3nb1: Compass core stylesheet library
ruby26-compass-import-once-1.0.5nb1: Speed up your Sass compilation by making @import file once
ruby26-compass-susy-plugin-0.9: Compass plugin grid system
ruby26-cookiejar-0.3.3: Client-side HTTP Cookie library
ruby26-crass-1.0.6: CSS parser based on the CSS Syntax Level 3 spec
ruby26-css-parser-1.7.1: Ruby CSS parser
ruby26-cssmin-1.0.3: Ruby library for minifying CSS
ruby26-csspool-4.0.5: CSSPool is a CSS parser
ruby26-data_uri-0.1.0: URI::Data class for parsing RFC2397 data URIs
ruby26-div-1.3.2: Simple Web Application framework with dRuby and ERB
ruby26-em-http-request-1.1.7: EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client
ruby26-em-websocket-0.5.2: EventMachine based WebSocket server
ruby26-erubis-2.7.0: Fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports multi-language
ruby26-ethon-0.12.0: Very lightweight libcurl wrapper
ruby26-faraday-1.3.0: HTTP/REST API client library
ruby26-faraday_middleware-1.0.0: Various middleware for Faraday
ruby26-faye-websocket-0.11.0: Standards-compliant WebSocket server and client
ruby26-fcgi- FastCGI interface for Ruby
ruby26-html-proofer-3.15.2: Test your rendered HTML files to make sure they're accurate
ruby26-htmlsplit-1.0.2nb3: Ruby HTML split/join library
ruby26-http-4.4.1: Simple Ruby DSL for making HTTP requests
ruby26-http-accept-2.1.1: Parse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers
ruby26-http-cookie-1.0.3: Ruby library to handle HTTP Cookies based on RFC 6265
ruby26-http-form_data-2.3.0: Build form data request bodies
ruby26-http-parser-1.2.3: Ruby bindings to joyent/http-parser
ruby26-http_parser.rb-0.6.0: Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser
ruby26-http_router-0.11.2: Kick-ass HTTP router for use in Rack
ruby26-httpclient-2.8.3: HTTP accessing library for Ruby
ruby26-innate-2015.10.28nb1: Powerful web-framework wrapper for Rack
ruby26-jekyll-4.2.0: Blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby
ruby26-jekyll-archives-2.2.1: Automatically generates post archives by dates, tags, and categories
ruby26-jekyll-coffeescript-2.0.0: CoffeeScript converter for Jekyll
ruby26-jekyll-feed-0.15.1: Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts
ruby26-jekyll-gist-1.5.0: Liquid tag for displaying GitHub Gists in Jekyll sites
ruby26-jekyll-minima-2.5.1: Beautiful, minimal and default theme for Jekyll
ruby26-jekyll-paginate-1.1.0: Built-in Pagination Generator for Jekyll
ruby26-jekyll-sass-converter-2.1.0: Basic Sass converter for Jekyll
ruby26-jekyll-seo-tag-2.7.1: Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for SEO
ruby26-jekyll-watch-2.2.1: Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes
ruby26-jquery-rails-4.4.0: Rails jQuery support
ruby26-jsmin-1.0.1: Ruby library for minifying JavaScript
ruby26-liquid-4.0.3: Ruby library for rendering safe templates
ruby26-loofah-2.9.0: HTML sanitizer for Rails applications
ruby26-mechanize-2.7.6: Library to automate interaction with websites
ruby26-multipart-post-2.1.1: Multipart form post accessory for Net::HTTP
ruby26-mustermann-1.1.1: Use patterns like regular expressions
ruby26-net-http-digest_auth-1.4.1: Implementation of RFC 2617 - Digest Access Authentication
ruby26-net-http-persistent-4.0.1: Manages persistent connections using Net::HTTP
ruby26-ntlm-http-0.1.1: NTLM authentication over HTTP
ruby26-padrino-0.15.0: Padrino Ruby Web framework
ruby26-padrino-admin-0.15.0: Admin Dashboard for Padrino
ruby26-padrino-cache-0.15.0: Page and fragment caching for Padrino
ruby26-padrino-contrib-0.2.0: Contributed plugins and utilities for Padrino Framework
ruby26-padrino-core-0.15.0: Padrino framework core
ruby26-padrino-gen-0.15.0: Generators for easily creating and building padrino applications
ruby26-padrino-helpers-0.15.0: Helpers for padrino
ruby26-padrino-mailer-0.15.0: Mailer system for padrino
ruby26-padrino-support-0.15.0: Support for padrino
ruby26-patron-0.13.3nb2: Ruby HTTP client library based on libcurl
ruby26-puma-5.1.1: Modern concurrent web server for Ruby
ruby26-pygments.rb-2.0.0: Pygments wrapper for ruby
ruby26-rack-2.2.3: Modular Ruby webserver interface
ruby26-rack-cache-1.12.1: HTTP Caching for Rack
ruby26-rack-contrib-2.3.0: Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities
ruby26-rack-protection-2.1.0: Protection for against typical web attacks for Rack application
ruby26-rack-rewrite-1.5.1: Rack middleware for enforcing rewrite rules
ruby26-rack-test-1.1.0: Simple testing API built on Rack
ruby26-rack16-1.6.11: Modular Ruby webserver interface
ruby26-rails-html-sanitizer-1.3.0: HTML sanitizer for Rails applications
ruby26-rails52- Full-stack web application framework, Rails 5.2
ruby26-rails60- Full-stack web application framework, Rails 6.0
ruby26-raindrops-0.19.1: Real-time statistics for Rack HTTP servers
ruby26-request_store-1.5.0: Per-request global storage for Rack
ruby26-rest-client-2.1.0: Simple HTTP and REST client for Ruby inspired by Sinatra
ruby26-robots-0.10.1: Parser for robots.txt
ruby26-rouge-3.26.0: Pure-ruby colorizer based on pygments
ruby26-sass-3.7.4: Powerful, but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again
ruby26-sass-listen-4.0.0nb1: listens to file modifications and notifies
ruby26-sass-rails-6.0.0: Sass adapter for the Rails asset pipeline
ruby26-sass34-3.4.25: Powerful, but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again
ruby26-sassc-2.4.0: Use libsass with Ruby
ruby26-sassc-rails-2.1.2: Integrate SassC-Ruby into Rails
ruby26-sawyer-0.8.2: Secret User Agent of HTTP
ruby26-selenium-webdriver-3.142.7: Tool for writing automated tests of websites
ruby26-sinatra-2.1.0: Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
ruby26-sinatra-contrib-2.1.0: Collection of useful Sinatra extensions
ruby26-staticmatic-0.11.1nb1: Lightweight static site framework
ruby26-tag-1.0.4nb3: Ruby Simple HTML Tag library for CGI
ruby26-typhoeus-1.3.1: Wraps libcurl in order to make fast and reliable requests
ruby26-unicorn-5.8.0: Rack HTTP server for fast clients and Unix
ruby26-url_mount-0.2.1: Universal mounting points for rack applications
ruby26-webkit-gtk-3.4.2: Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+
ruby26-webkit-gtk2-3.4.2: Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+ for GTK2+
ruby26-webrick-1.7.0: HTTP server toolkit
ruby26-webrobots-0.1.2: Ruby library to help write robots.txt compliant web robots
ruby26-websocket-1.2.9: Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
ruby26-websocket-driver-0.7.3: WebSocket protocol handler with pluggable I/O
ruby26-websocket-extensions-0.1.5: Generic extension manager for WebSocket connections
ruby26-webunit-20040429++nb3: HTTP unit testing framework for Ruby
sassc-3.6.1: Wrapper around libsass
screws-0.56nb26: SCRipt Enhanced Web Server
seamonkey-2.53.4nb2: All-in-one Internet application suite
seamonkey-l10n-2.53.4: Language packs for www/seamonkey
serf-1.3.9nb1: High-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
shibboleth-sp-3.1.0nb1: Shibboleth2 Service Provider
siege-4.0.7: Website/webserver regression testing utility
sitecopy-0.16.6nb11: Utility for synchronizing remote and local web sites
snarf-7.0: Simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL
snownews-1.6.10nb3: Small, curses based RSS feed reader
so-0.4.3: Terminal interface for Stack Overflow
spawn-fcgi-1.6.4nb1: FastCGI deployment tool
spdylay-1.4.0nb3: Experimental SPDY protocol version 2, 3 and 3.1 implementation in C
sqtop-20131217nb4: Display active client connections for Squid
squid-4.13nb1: Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator
squidGuard-1.4nb16: Ultrafast and free filter, redirector and access controller for Squid
squidanalyzer-6.6nb3: Squid proxy native log analyser and reports generator
squidclamav-6.16nb4: Clamav ICAP service and redirector for Squid
squidpurge-0.20040201nb1: Squid cache tool to list, extract or purge objects
squidview-0.86: Program which monitors and displays squid logs
squirm-1.0betaB: Redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache
stagit-0.9.4: Static git page generator
surfraw-2.3.0nb4: Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the Web
swiftsurf-1.2.5nb19: Web proxy that can handle http and https
swiggle-0.4nb3: Lightweight image gallery generator
swill-0.3nb2: The Simple Web Interface Link Library
swish-e-2.4.5nb14: Simple web indexing for humans - enhanced
tcl-cgi-1.3.0: Library of Tcl procedures to assist in writing CGI scripts
ruby26-termtter-2.2.8: Terminal based Twitter client
ruby26-thin-1.8.0: Fast and very simple Ruby web server
ruby26-thoth-0.2.1nb5: Minimalistic blog engine
ruby26-thoth-delicious-0.1.0nb4: Thoth blog engine del.icio.us plugin
thttpd-2.29: Tiny/turbo/throttling HTTP server
tidy-5.6.0nb1: Fixes and tidies up HTML files
tinyproxy-1.10.0nb2: Lightweight HTTP/SSL proxy
trac-1.4.2: Repository browser, wiki, and issue tracking system
trafficserver-7.1.2nb15: Fast, scalable and extensible caching proxy server
tscrape-0.6: Twitter scraper
tuir-1.29.0: Browse Reddit from your terminal
php56-typo3-6.2.31: The TYPO3 content management system, 6.2 LTS release
uhttpmock-0.4.0nb28: Library for mocking web service APIs which use HTTP or HTTPS
urlget-1.5: Simple command-line tool to retrieve an HTTP URL
urlgrabber-3.1.0nb5: Python package that drastically simplifies the fetching of files
varnish-3.0.6nb3: High-performace HTTP accelerator
viewvc-1.2.0nb1: Viewing the content of CVS/SVN repositories with a Webbrowser
vimb-3.6.0nb6: Vim-like webkit browser
visitors-0.7: Very fast web log analyzer
w3-4.0b47nb3: World Wide Web browser for Emacs
w3c-httpd-3.0Anb1: WWW server from the W3 Consortium (W3C)
w3m- Multilingualized version of a pager/text-based browser w3m
w3m-img- Multilingualized version of w3m with inline image support
wApua-0.05.1nb12: Web browser for WAP WML
waplet-0.01: Java applet-based WAP emulator and WML browser
wdg-validate-1.2.2nb8: HTML validator from the Web Design Group
webalizer-2.23.8: Web server log file analysis program
ruby26-webby-0.9.4nb1: Static web page generator
webkit-gtk-2.30.4: GTK port of the WebKit browser engine
webkit24-gtk-2.4.11nb33: GTK2 port of the WebKit browser engine (version 2.4)
webkit24-gtk3-2.4.11nb32: GTK3 port of the WebKit browser engine
weblint-1.020nb9: HTML validator and sanity checker
webnew-1.3nb9: Retrieve modification times of web documents
websvn-2.2.1nb3: Subversion repository web frontend
weex- Non-interactive ftp client
whisker-2.1nb9: URL scanner used to search for known vulnerable CGIs on websites
wiliki-0.6.2: WikiWiki clone written in Scheme
wmd-1.0.1: Simple, lightweight WYSIWYM Markdown editor
wordpress-5.6: Blogging tool written in php
wslay-1.1.1: WebSocket library written in C
www6to4-1.6: Lightweight http proxy, helps IPv4 only browsers
wwwcount-2.5nb2: Graphical access counter, clock and date indicator for WWW pages
wwwoffle-2.9jnb8: WWW proxy with support for offline browsing
yahttp-0.1.5nb14: Yet Another HTTP Library
yaws-2.0.6nb3: High perfomance HTTP 1.1 webserver written in Erlang
z-push-2.2.10nb1: Open-source ActiveSync server
zola-0.11.0nb1: Static website generator
zopeedit-0.7nb8: Helper client application for Zope's ExternalEditor

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