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Secure read-only HTTP and FTP servers

publicfile supplies files to the public through HTTP and FTP

Security features:
       publicfile chroot()s to the public file area and sheds root privileges.
       publicfile never attempts to modify the public file area.
       publicfile never runs any other programs.

HTTP features:
       publicfile supports virtual hosts through the Host field.
       publicfile supports virtual hosts through absolute URLs.
       publicfile supports HTTP/1.1 persistent connections.
       publicfile supports HTTP/1.1 chunked responses.
       publicfile supports user-controlled content types.
       publicfile supports exact-prefix If-Modified-Since.

FTP features:
       publicfile has built-in LIST and NLST commands.
       publicfile provides EPLF LIST responses.
       publicfile supports restarted transfers.
       publicfile supports pipelining.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/mktools pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies

sysutils/daemontools net/ucspi-tcp6

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Known vulnerabilities

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