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Software for geographical-related uses

Here are the one-line descriptions for each of the 82 items in this directory:

R-countrycode-1.1.0: Convert country names and country codes
R-maptools-0.9.5: Tools for handling spatial objects
cm2gpx-1.0.4: CacheMate PDB-to-GPX file converter
cmconvert-1.9.5nb1: CacheMate import file converter for GPS GPX files
emerillon-0.1.2nb58: Map browser
epsg-8.1: EPSG geodetic parameters database
epsg-docs-200911nb1: EPSG geodetic parameters database documentation
gama-2.07: Geodetic network adjustment (surveying)
garmin-utils-2.5nb1: Utilities for Garmin GPS receivers
garmintools-0.10nb1: Utilities for Garmin Forerunner 305 and similar GPS units
gdal-lib-2.4.1nb6: Translator library for raster geospatial data formats
geoclue-0.12.0nb19: Geoinformation service API and base providers
GeoLite2-City-CSV-20160705: Free IP city geolocation databases
GeoLite2-Country-CSV-20160705: Free IP country geolocation databases
geos-3.7.3: C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS)
gipfel-0.4.0nb4: Photogrammetry For Mountain Images
gpsbabel-1.6.0nb1: Utility to convert and fetch GPS related data
gpsd-3.19: GPS information daemon
gpspoint-2.030521nb1: Program to download and upload waypoints to and from your GPS device
gpsutils-0.4.0: Capture and convert data from a Garmin GPS receiver
gpxsee-6.3nb3: GPS log file viewer and analyzer
kplex-1.3.2: Multitransport NMEA-0183 software data multiplexer
libchamplain012-0.12.10nb22: Map widget
libchamplain04-0.4.7nb47: Map widget
libchamplain06-0.6.1nb53: Map widget
libchamplain08-0.8.3nb49: Map widget
libdrg-0.0.81nb4: Library for reading and merging DRG files
libgeotiff-1.4.3: Library and tools for reading and writing GeoTIFF data
libmaxminddb-1.3.2: C library for the MaxMind DB file format
libmemphis02-0.2.3nb3: Library for OpenStreetMap
libnova-0.15.0: Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics calculation library
libspatialite-4.3.0anb10: Library intended to extend SQLite core to support Spatial SQL
mapcode-2.5.4: Mapcode Library for C/C++
mapserver-5.6.8nb40: Environment for building spatially enabled Internet apps
merkaartor-0.17.2nb48: Merkaartor is an OpenStreetMap mapping program
opencpn-5.0.0nb4: Concise ChartPlotter/Navigator
opencpn-plugin-debugger-20170414nb9: Shows the messages on OpenCPN's plugin interface
opencpn-plugin-draw-1.5_20190311nb1: place georeferenced objects/items on the OpenCPN interface
opencpn-plugin-gshhs-2.2.4: complete OpenCPN shoreline database
opencpn-plugin-statusbar-20180405nb7: statusbar to display various info to users in OpenCPN
opencpn-plugin-watchdog-2.4.6: implements various configurable alarms in OpenCPN
opencpn-plugin-weather_routing-20180827nb3: creates optimized weather routes using grib data in OpenCPN
osm-gps-map-1.0.2nb21: Gtk+ Widget for Displaying OpenStreetMap tiles
osm2pgsql-0.96.0nb4: OpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converter
p5-Geo-Coordinates-UTM-0.11nb5: Perl extension for Latitude Longitude conversions
p5-Geo-Distance-0.20nb7: Calculate Distances and Closest Locations
p5-Geo-Ellipsoid-1.14nb3: Longitude and latitude calculations using an ellipsoid model
p5-Geo-Gpx-0.26nb4: Geo::Gpx - Create and parse GPX files.
p5-Geo-Mercator-1.01nb11: Perl5 module computing Mercator Projection into meters
p5-Geo-ShapeFile-2.66nb1: Perl extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles
p5-Geo-Weather-1.41nb11: Perl5 weather retrieval module
p5-Geography-Countries-2009041301nb10: Perl5 module for mapping country names and codes
proj-5.2.0nb3: Cartographic projection software
proj-doc-1.1nb1: PDF documentation for the PROJ cartographic projection software
proj-swig-0.02nb10: Guile and python wrappers for proj
py37-country-18.12.8: ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script
py37-gdal-2.4.1nb3: Translator library for raster geospatial data formats, Python binding
py37-geojson-2.4.1: Python bindings and utlities for GeoJSON
py37-google-maps-services-python-2.5.1: Python client library for Google Maps API Web Services
py37-obspy-1.1.1nb1: Python framework for seismological observatories
py37-proj-1.9.4nb2: Python wrapper for proj
py27-trytond-country-4.2.0: Country module of the Tryton application platform
py27-trytond-google-maps-4.2.1: Google Maps module of the Tryton application platform
qgis-2.18.28nb7: Geographic Information System (GIS)
qlandkartegt-1.4.2nb36: GPS visualisation and mapping tool, supports Garmin devices
qlandkartegt-garmindev-0.3.4nb1: Garmin device drivers for qlandkartegt
qlandkartem-0.2.0nb46: QLandkarteM is a moving map application for mobile devices
shapelib-1.2.10nb1: Library for reading, writing and updating (limited) ESRI Shapefiles
spatialindex-1.8.5: Robust spatial indexing methods
tex-pst-geo-2.06: Geographical Projections
tex-pst-geo-doc-2.06: Documentation for tex-pst-geo
viking-1.7nb7: Viking manages GPS data, supports OpenStreetMap and geocaching
vis5d+-1.2.1nb5: Volumetric Visualization program for scientific datasets
xrmap-2.29nb2: Earth map viewer - complete
xrmap-anthems-1.3: National anthems (text) for xrmap
xrmap-base-2.29nb3: Earth map viewer - base program
xrmap-data-0nb1: Vector data for xrmap
xrmap-factbook_html-2002nb1: CIA factbook for xrmap (HTML)
xrmap-factbook_text-2006: CIA factbook for xrmap
xrmap-flags-1.1nb1: National flags for xrmap
xrmap-hymns-1.2nb1: National anthems (MIDI) for xrmap
xrmap-pdfmaps-1.1nb1: PDF maps for xrmap

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