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OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

OpenSCAD is free software for creating solid 3D CAD objects.

Unlike most free software for creating 3D models (such as the famous
application Blender) it does not focus on the artistic aspects of 3D modelling
but instead on the CAD aspects. Thus it might be the application you are
looking for when you are planning to create 3D models of machine parts but
pretty sure is not what you are looking for when you are more interested in
creating computer-animated movies.

OpenSCAD is not an interactive modeller. Instead it is something like a
3D-compiler that reads in a script file that describes the object and renders
the 3D model from this script file (see examples below). This gives you (the
designer) full control over the modelling process and enables you to easily
change any step in the modelling process or make designes that are defined by
configurable parameters.

OpenSCAD provides two main modelling techniques: First there is constructive
solid geometry (aka CSG) and second there is extrusion of 2D outlines. As data
exchange format format for this 2D outlines Autocad DXF files are used. In
addition to 2D paths for extrusion it is also possible to read design
parametes from DXF files. Besides DXF files OpenSCAD can read and create 3D
models in the STL and OFF file formats.

Build dependencies

pkgtools/x11-links devel/boost-headers devel/flex x11/xorgproto x11/xcb-proto math/eigen3 x11/xcb-proto devel/glib2-tools devel/libtool-base pkgtools/mktools devel/bison textproc/itstool devel/pkgconf pkgtools/cwrappers

Runtime dependencies

lang/python311 lang/python311 devel/boost-libs devel/gmp fonts/fontconfig fonts/fontconfig graphics/freetype2 graphics/freetype2 fonts/harfbuzz graphics/glew graphics/hicolor-icon-theme graphics/opencsg math/cgal math/mpfr x11/qt5-qtbase x11/qt5-qtmultimedia x11/qt5-qscintilla textproc/libxml++ math/double-conversion devel/boost-libs devel/gmp fonts/fontconfig graphics/freetype2 fonts/harfbuzz graphics/glew graphics/hicolor-icon-theme math/cgal math/mpfr x11/qt5-qtbase x11/qt5-qtmultimedia x11/qt5-qscintilla textproc/libxml++

Binary packages

NetBSD 10.0aarch64openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 10.0aarch64openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 10.0i386openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 10.0i386openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 10.0powerpcopenscad-2021.01nb21.tgz
NetBSD 10.0sparc64openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 10.0x86_64openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 10.0x86_64openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 9.0aarch64openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 9.0i386openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcopenscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcopenscad-2021.01nb21.tgz
NetBSD 9.0powerpcopenscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 9.0sparc64openscad-2021.01nb15.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64openscad-2021.01nb26.tgz
NetBSD 9.0x86_64openscad-2021.01nb24.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64openscad-2021.01nb29.tgz
NetBSD 9.3x86_64openscad-2021.01nb29.tgz

Binary packages can be installed with the high-level tool pkgin (which can be installed with pkg_add) or pkg_add(1) (installed by default). The NetBSD packages collection is also designed to permit easy installation from source.

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